Barking to Gospel Oak Line

Wednesday 5 June 2013, 2:00pm

Motion detail

This Assembly recognises that the full electrification of the Barking to Gospel Oak Line is necessary, and calls on the Government to ensure funding is set aside in the June 2013 spending round to finance this long-overdue project and ensure that this funding does not come at the expense of spending on tube infrastructure upgrades.

The London Assembly believes that electrification of the line is necessary to ease unacceptably high levels of overcrowding and improve air quality. To achieve this, the Assembly calls on the Mayor to lobby the Chancellor of the Exchequer to ensure that electrification can be introduced before Crossrail opens in 2018.

This Assembly commends the efforts of Transport for London to catalyse the project by offering to contribute £25m towards the £90m cost of the scheme. Should, however, the Barking to Gospel Oak Line not be funded by the Government or Network Rail, the Assembly calls on the Mayor to work with TfL to secure an alternative means of delivery.