Air pollution and engine idling

Thursday 8 March 2018, all day

Motion detail

This Assembly notes the serious levels of air pollution across London and while there are many causes of air pollution that significant levels are created by road traffic.


This Assembly believes that a small but important role in reducing air pollution could be taken by far more effective action to tackle the idling of engines of all road vehicles, whether by private cars, taxis, private hire vehicles, public sector vehicles, buses, coaches, vans and lorries.


This Assembly notes with regret that TfL’s past actions on this issue have not always been highly effective in changing attitudes or leading to any demonstrative change in actions, as highlighted by the lack of any emails in 2015 to a dedicated no idling email address created by TfL.


This Assembly also regrets that information campaigns have only been run across 11 London Boroughs in the last year, with two thirds of London Boroughs therefore excluded.


While welcoming many of the Mayor’s policies in tackling air pollution this Assembly believes that the Mayor should ensure that the policies adopted by TfL in tackling idling are now far more ambitious and effective.


This Assembly calls on the Mayor to ensure that in relation to TfL’s powers of licensing taxis and private hire vehicles it uses every opportunity to discourage the idling of vehicles, including the use of enforcement powers.   This Assembly also calls on the Mayor to actively reduce idling of vehicles by personnel throughout the GLA family, including where appropriate Metropolitan Police Service and Fire Brigade vehicles.


This Assembly finally calls on the Mayor to ensure that TfL adopts an effective public awareness campaign to discourage members of the public to allow their vehicle to idle and create unnecessary pollution for Londoners.”