Investment in cycling

Wednesday 11 March 2015, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly notes that Transport for London has forecast to spend £82 million on measures to improve junctions and cycling infrastructure in the current financial year, despite initially allocating £107 million.  Furthermore, as of October 2014, just £29 million had been spent.

This Assembly further notes that TfL has underspent its cycling budget in 2012/13 and 2013/14 and that Sir Peter Hendy, when appearing before the Transport Committee on the 12th March 2014, stated: “What this underspend represents is frankly an embarrassment...”

This Assembly therefore calls on the Mayor to publish:

  • the latest predictions for investment in cycling that will be undertaken by the end of the financial year 2014/15.
  • details of the cycling investment that has been allocated to each London Borough in 2014/15 and for the year 2015/16.
  • the Mayor’s specific plans to ensure that in 2015/16 the planned investment in cycling is fully spent.

Finally, this Assembly believes that Transport for London should look to allocate greater funds to London Boroughs who have many cycling schemes that are ready to be delivered.”