The Mayor's vision for Diversity & Inclusion

Consultation: the Mayor's vision for a Diverse and Inclusive city

Start date: 15 June 2017
End date: 11 September 2017

This consultation closed on September 11 2017

For generations, London has been a shining example of how people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds can live side-by-side and work together.

We must continue to build strong, connected communities and ensure that every Londoner can share in the prosperity of our city.

To achieve this, Mayor Sadiq Khan has published his Diversity and Inclusion Vision. It sets out the future of London as a diverse, inclusive and integrated city and a great place to:

  • live and grow up
  • work and do business
  • feel safe and be healthy
  • get around, travel and enjoy

What’s next after this consultation?

Your feedback will help us understand our main objectives and develop the Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

This strategy will share the inequalities that affect social integration and social mobility of Londoners, insights from consultation responses and feedback given on the City for All Londoners plan.

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