ADD2365 Climate-KIC Membership

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
26 September 2019
Decision by: 
Aram Wood, Assistant Director of Environment

Executive summary

This form requests approval for expenditure of £12,500 to cover the fees required for London to continue being an affiliate partner of Climate KIC. Climate KIC is one of three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) created by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology to develop and catalyse sustainable growth.

Membership will provide the GLA with access to expert resources, funding and research to help London transition to a low carbon circular economy. In 2018, this partnership delivered around £110,000 in added value for the £12,500 cost of membership to the GLA. In 2019, it is estimated that the partnership will bring in approximately £125,000 in added value.


That the Assistant Director for Environment approves:

Expenditure of £12,500 enabling the GLA to continue as an affiliate partner of Climate KIC.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

The GLA wishes to continue its affiliate partnership with Climate KIC to lever the expertise and resources Climate-KIC has to offer. This will directly support delivery of a number of key objectives, as set out in the Mayor’s London Environment Strategy and the Economic Development Strategy, around supporting the transition to a low carbon circular economy through maximising CleanTech innovation across London.

Climate-KIC is a pan-European innovation agency working to accelerate the transition to ‘a prosperous and inclusive climate-resilient society and a circular, zero-carbon economy’ and is part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Their role is to catalyse deep decarbonisation and strengthen climate resilience through innovation.

One of Climate KIC’s key roles is to use its funding to stimulate innovation in addressing climate change. EIT Climate-KIC's portfolio of products includes services designed to challenge and develop clean-tech ventures and improve chances for success. EIT Climate-KIC supports entrepreneurs in different stages of maturity, from early stage ideation through seed funding and beyond.

The cost is £12,500 (excluding VAT) for the GLA to continue being an affiliate partner of Climate KIC. This is an annual partnership fee and was authorised for the year 2018 in ADD2180. This ADD requests that we continue our partnership with Climate-KIC and covers the year 2019. It is estimated that this will deliver approximately £125,000 in added value.

In 2018, GLA’s partnership with Climate-KIC delivered multiple benefits and up to £110,000 in added value at the cost of the £12,500 partnership fee, these included:

• Expert resources: Climate-KIC contracted dedicated external support services (0.4 FTE) to draft a 3-year CleanTech London strategic framework and business plan.
• Funding: Climate-KIC funded two key projects that helped to advance the CleanTech London agenda. This included £50,000 for the CleanTech London pathfinder project and £25,000 for a CleanTech Challenge around electric vehicles and preparing London for zero emission transport, as part of the Mayor’s Civic Innovation Challenge flagship programme.

Objectives and expected outcomes

As part of the GLA’s Cleantech programme, Climate-KIC membership enables the GLA to work with Climate KIC to develop a Cleantech Partnership in London that will finalise and start delivery of a strategic plan for helping catalyse a Cleantech cluster in London. Climate KIC will provide support to the GLA in the following areas as part of GLA membership:

• Access to expertise: staffing support will be provided in the form of an experienced professional for 2.5 days a week up to the end of 2019 to help the GLA to support the establishment of the CleanTech London Partnership and the development of a London Cleantech Cluster.
• Creating market demand: build upon the work of the CleanTech London pathfinder project in 2018, through working with the GLA, LWaRB, LLDC, OPDC and London Boroughs, to foresight clean technology demand over the next 10-20 years. This 18-month project aims to demonstrate a clear pathway for city authorities to aggregate demand, attract supply side solutions and replicate a pro-innovation procurement model that will help them deliver on their net zero carbon objectives.
• Access to European Institute of Innovation and Technology Funding: As a member of Climate KIC, the GLA will have access to the funding that Climate KIC have for innovation in climate change programs. This includes up to around £215,000 for the ‘CleanTech London Pathfinder Project: Demonstrating demand for net zero carbon cities’ programme as set out above.

Equality comments

Under Section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, as a public authority, the Mayor of London must have ‘due Regard’ of the need to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation as well as to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people who have a protected characteristic and those who do not.

Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities are enshrined within the GLA’s programmes and activities according to the Mayor’s Framework for Equal Life Chances (June 2014) and the Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

The activities delivered in partnership with Climate KIC will look to maximise its positive impact on equality for all Londoners, for example through ensuring innovation programmes are targeted at addressing some of the strategic inequality challenges, such as the number of women involved in and heading up cleantech companies, facing Londoners. Any programmes delivered will be promoted through a wide variety of channels to reach out to underrepresented groups, events will be accessible and communication channels will be used to showcase and celebrate innovation across a diverse SME base.

Other considerations

Links to Mayoral strategies and priorities:

• Both the Mayor’s Economic Development Strategy and the London Environment Strategy identify the importance of supporting and developing the Cleantech sector in addressing London’s climate change and wider environmental challenges.
• The Economic Development Strategy in particular sets out the Mayor’s ambition to lever London’s innovation to help solve London’s environmental challenges both to support business growth and help deliver London’s zero carbon ambitions.

Key Risks and Mitigation:

• Risk: Climate KIC is not a suitable partner for the GLA’s CleanTech programme
• Mitigation: Climate KIC convenes Europe’s largest network focused on transformative climate innovation. They work with businesses, academia, research institutes, and governments to create critical mass and develop solutions to tackle global climate change challenges. They run an established program of acceleration and business support for cleantech start-ups and SMEs and have worked extensively in the UK and London. Climate KIC will provide valuable expertise and resource to help deliver the Mayor’s CleanTech innovation ambitions.

Financial comments

Approval is sought for expenditure of £12,500 to enable the GLA to continue as an affiliate partner of Climate KIC.

The expenditure will be funded from the Zero Carbon budget 2019-20.

Activity table



Delivery Start Date

Sept 2019

Deliver 2019 membership support

By Dec 2019

Delivery End Date

Dec 2019

Project Closure

Jan 2020

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