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Get involved

There are plenty of ways you can get involved in activities this summer. Take a look below to find out more.

  • Our LDN map

    Find activities in your area by using the Our LDN map. With activities ranging from tech workshops and music programmes.

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  • Today at Apple sessions

    Join free creative sessions across London. Learn new skills and shape your artistic style in photography, video, music and more. Sign up for a session near you. #TodayatApple

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  • Volunteer

    Go local and do something great for London - volunteer with Team London.

    Find out more.

  • LNYA toolkit

    Find out about the London Needs You Alive educational toolkit being used by schools, colleges and community faith groups across London.

    Download the toolkit

  • LDN Filmmakers

    Applications for LDN Filmmakers have now closed.

    To watch the films that were created and to find out more about the project, visit the LDN Filmmakers website.


  • Our LDN map
  • Today at Apple sessions
  • Volunteer
  • LNYA toolkit
  • LDN Filmmakers

Get inspired

Londoners are doing incredible things to spread the London Needs You Alive message. Below are three examples of how these passionate young people are making a difference in our city.

Get help

If you've got a problem, or you're worried about a friend, remember it's never too late to ask for help. You can speak to Childline on 0800 1111 anonymously 24/7. If it's an emergency, a crime is being committed or someone is in danger always dial 999:

I know someone carrying a knife, what do I do?

It's never too late to get help if you're worried about gun and knife crime, or are involved with it already. You could talk to your teacher, another adult you trust or Childline.

Google your local youth club or community centre as they may run projects that are geared towards stopping gun crime, and you could get involved.

You can call Childline on 0800 1111 at any time if you're worried about your own safety or if you think someone you know is carrying or even using a gun or knife.

You can also contact anonymously online at for more information about gun and knife crime and the law. Or, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you want to report a crime that has already happened.

Don't be afraid to be strong and do the right thing.

Will I get arrested if I hand in a knife?

There is no excuse for carrying a knife in a public place unless you are depositing it as part of a knife surrender.

If you are stopped and a police officer suspects that the knife has been used in a criminal offence, you may have to answer questions regarding how you came to have it.

For more information also contact Childline.

Find a knife bin.

I’ve been affected by knife crime and need help dealing with this – can someone help me?

There is support out there for you.

A number of websites will provide you with further information:

Or you could speak to your teacher, youth worker or an adult who you trust. Victim Support also has a national website aimed at young victims of crime, which provides information and resources.


I don’t feel safe, where can I go?

If you don't feel safe in any situation you should leave/run and then tell someone why you have left.

Go to a nearby home of somebody you trust, a relative or friend, youth/community group, police station or local government building i.e. town hall, where you will be safe.

Also speak to your school or safer schools officer who can help you find a safe route to and from school.