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Ambitions for London

The Mayor’s 2020 Vision is a signal of serious intent – one designed to lengthen London’s lead as the greatest city on earth. It demonstrates why London must have the freedom to invest in the infrastructure needed to keep the city growing. It announces to the world that London is a sure bet – the best place to do business.

The challenges facing London

The capital faces numerous challenges ahead:

  • between 2011 and 2021 the population will have increased by a million and by 2030 it will be approaching 10 million people
  • a serious shortage of homes that Londoners can afford
  • the most uncompromising global economy ever

The Mayor believes that we must invest and build, innovate and create, capitalise on our advantages and self-promote unashamedly.

Watch the video to find out how the city will transform by the year 2020. 

Former Mayor Boris Johnson's Vision 2020 for London's Future

Our ambitions for the London of 2020

A London of 2020 will be a city with:

  • A neo-Victorian surge of investment in mass transport – by 2018 Crossrail will be open and a massive programme of tube upgrades complete
  • A cycling revolution – new superhighways will cross the city, connecting rail hubs, while a network of quietways will radiate from town centre ‘mini-Hollands’
  • The education and skills to compete to win London’s share of global growth, with enough school places and more valuable work-place opportunities
  • The best place to invest and do business on the planet, building on our financial prowess and investing in tech and med hubs – areas in which we can lead the world
  • The biggest home-building drive for a generation, providing homes that Londoners can afford
  • Opportunity areas opened up for homes and jobs, creating new neighbourhoods and tackling social exclusion
  • Vibrant, safe, attractive, green town centres and streets bustling with life and business

Your city, your future

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