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Survey: Why don't Londoners like travelling on public transport?

Date published: 
22 August 2019

The Transport Committee is investigating London’s transport now and in the future.

In this investigation, the committee is looking at how London’s transport system will need to adapt to future constraints and help address challenges facing the capital. The investigation will look at how people’s experiences of moving around the capital could be improved. The investigation will also look at which future transport projects in the capital should be prioritised and how these could be delivered and paid for.

The results below were obtained through the YouGov survey, which was conducted in July 2019. The survey had a sample of 1019 London adults. The raw data obtained from the survey can be found attached below.

The Survey

The three main reasons given by survey respondents for disliking travelling on public transport in London were that it was:

  • Too busy/overcrowded (52%)
  • Too hot/humid (38%)
  • Too expensive (24%).


(Figure 1: Reasons Londoners dislike travelling on public transport)

Reasons Londoners dislike travelling on public transport


As shown in Figures 2-3 below, these issues came consistently high across different respondent characteristics. The only exception was that for 65+ respondents, the cost of travelling around London was not a significant consideration, likely due to the availability of the Freedom Pass.


(Figure 2: Breakdown by gender) 

Breakdown by gender


(Figure 3: Breakdown by region)

breakdown by region


(Figure 4: Breakdown by age)


breakdown by age


For Londoners not currently using public transport, or using it infrequently (see Figure 5), affordability seemed to be the main driving factor (with 32% of respondents suggesting this). These results highlight the importance of making travelling across London more comfortable and accessible.



(Figure 5: Factors which would encourage Londoners to use public transport more frequently )

Factors which would encourage Londoners to use public transport more frequently



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