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Social prescribing - A Ten Year Vision

Date published: 
14 March 2019

GPs across London are recognising that clinical prescribing medication may not be the only way nor the most effective way to treat health conditions.


Social Prescribing is a holistic way of looking at health by recognising how a range of socio-economic factors can impact general wellbeing.


The London Assembly Health Committee releases its consultation response to the Mayor’s Social Prescribing Vision. The response sets out a ten-year vision for how to embed social prescribing across London.


The recommendations include:

  • More should be done to help Londoners understand what social prescribing is and its benefits
  • The Mayor’s vision must reach out to underrepresented groups and explain in detail how it will do so
  • Consider social investors as a means of getting upfront investment for social prescribing


Our response to the Mayor's vision can be read below.


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