Report of the 7 July Review Committee

Date published: 
01 June 2006

Report of the 7 July Review Committee PDFReport of the 7 July Review Committee RTFVol 2: Views & information from organisations PDFVol 2: Views & information from organisations RTFVol 3: Views & information from individuals PDFVol 3: Views & information from individuals RTF

The 7 July Review Committee was set up to examine the lessons to be learned from the response to the London bombings on 7 July, and in particular communications issues. It contains a detailed analysis of the response to the bombings. There is no doubting the courage and determination of many thousands of individuals who responded to the attacks on London on 7 July. But while the people involved performed outstandingly, the systems and equipment that were supposed to support them did not. Our report makes 54 recommendations designed to improve the way such major incidents, and the people caught up in them, are managed.

On 6 May 2011 the Coroner's Inquests into the London Bombings of 7 July 2005 returned verdicts of unlawfull killing of the 52 victims of the attacks. The Coroner, Lady Justice Hallett D.B.E. issued a report alongside the verdicts which made 9 recommendations addressed to the Home Office, the Security Service, London Resilience Team, Transport for London, London Ambulance Service, Department of Health and Barts & London NHS Trust.

Section 124 of the Coroner's report says:

"Although considerable progress has been made over the last six years, each organisation has accepted that there are lessons to be learnt from 7/7 and improvements to be made. Much of the credit for such progress rests with the 7th July Review Committee of the London Assembly (“the 7th July Review Committee”) as well as with each of the organisations. The 7th July Review Committee’s three-volume report (published in June 2006) addressed numerous issues and made important and detailed recommendations, particularly in respect of communications. The majority of these recommendations have been implemented."

Contact: Dale Langford, email [email protected]

In August 2007, the Committee produced a follow-up report assessing progress made towards improving the systems and equipment that are available to respond to a terrorist attack, or other major incident, in London.

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