Motorcycle Safety in London: Update report

Date published: 
15 March 2018

Despite the fact that motorcycles account for just one per cent of journeys made in London - 27 per cent of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads, are motorcyclists. 

The London Assembly Transport Committee report ‘Motorcycle Safety in London: Update report’  highlights key  motorcycling safety issues, and makes recommendations to the Mayor and Transport for London.

The aim is to reduce the dangers faced by motorcyclists in the capital.


Key facts

  • Motorcyclists face an unacceptable level of risk on London’s roads
  • The rate at which motorcyclists are injured in road traffic collisions is disproportionately high
  • Motorcyclist casualties in London have not fallen since TfL published its Motorcycle Safety Action Plan in 2014
  • The Plan is now outdated and needs to be renewed with new safety measures.
  • The condition of road surfaces is crucial for safe riding


  • Get serious about ensuring motorcyclists can ride in all bus lanes
  • Update the Motorcycle Safety Action
  • Reinstate plans to develop a ‘London Standard’ or an equivalent measure for motorcycle safety training
  • Allay concerns about reductions in TfL’s road maintenance budget

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