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Hearing resident voices in social housing

Date published: 
06 November 2018

The London Assembly Housing Committee’s report ‘Hearing resident voices in social housing’ looks into how tenants engage with the management of their homes and estates.

The report surveys London boroughs and the g15 group of the largest housing associations on the different ways they get residents involved in decision making.

It also makes recommendations to the Mayor on how he can contribute to a more open and responsive culture of engagement between social housing landlords and their residents.

Key Findings

  • Almost 1 in 4 homes in London is social housing.
  • For the past two decades, housing associations have provided most of London’s new affordable and social homes.
  • While the social landlord is ultimately responsible for providing good housing management standards, many parties can be involved in the delivery of housing management services.
  • The more parties involved in providing housing services, the more it complicates the oversight of housing services and the ways in which residents are engaged.
  • While social landlords say that the popularity of TRA among residents is falling, many residents still feel strongly that TRAs are a positive way for residents to engage with landlords.
  • Personal interaction with managers, visible responsiveness of the management team and the ability for residents to have a real say over future decisions on housing services are all key for a meaningful engagement.

Report Impact Review

Read below the report's feedback and media coverage.

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