Publication from Siân Berry: Mayor's budget should support communities and reverse LIP cuts

Date published: 
25 January 2018


An amendment to the Mayor’s budget with six parts.

Each part seeks to put power back in the hands of the communities in London most in need of help, and tackle the inequality that blights London. Each change would create or increase budgets to support Londoners working together to make things better, whether that’s tackling the housing crisis, improving local streets and shopping areas, investing in young people, reducing fuel poverty and backing community energy, building healthy streets, or helping small businesses hit by emergencies.

The proposals will:

1. Support residents with expert help to devise their own plans for their areas and estates through a new £150,000 fund.
2. Extend and improve the Mayor’s crowdfunding programme with a £300,000 budget, changing the terms to support more deprived communities and those who find it difficult to raise money from their own residents to match the Mayor’s contributions.
3. Boost knife crime prevention work outside the police, investing in young Londoners and public health measures, using the expected council tax surplus of £20 million.
4. Make London’s energy company fully licensed, funding the £3 million set up costs and £10 million working capital for a fully licensed energy company from the Mayor’s capital programme reserve.
5. Reverse the Mayor’s 2018/19 cuts to local healthy streets budgets using £30 million of funding from the Mayor’s business rates reserve.
6. Support London’s small businesses to recover from shocks by increasing and making permanent the Mayor’s fund to support businesses impacted by major emergencies.

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