FOI - National Sports Centre Crystal Palace

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
January 2020

Summary of request

I understand that the National Sports Centre falls within the remit of the Mayor of London and London Assembly. Over the past few years there have been a range of consultation exercises on the future of the Centre and on future arrangements for care and management of Crystal Palace Park in which it sits.

Over the past few months things have gone very quiet - the website related to the most recent survey/consultation appears to have have been closed and the facilities are being run down. The lodge has closed and the centre itself is poorly run. Much like some of our remaining council estates it feels as if the centre is being deliberately neglected so that usage will decline and then we will be told that it is not financially viable to renovate/retain it.

My impression is that of a series consultants being paid to undertake surveys whilst in reality the objective is to close the centre. The questions in the most recent consultation seemed designed to generate a specific outcome - it did not feel like an open consultation.

Can you please give me an update on this issue and also confirm to me:

  • Who is the legal owner of the Centre?
  • Who in the Mayor's Office has responsibility for leading the decision-making on the future of the Centre?
  • How are you working with Bromley Council to deliver a proper integrated plan for the Park and Centre - the two bodies seem to be pursuing different objectives.
  • What are the next steps and when can all those local residents and regional sporting organisations who have given their time to partake in consultation exercises expect the courtesy of an update on the findings and proposals?