Completed funds

These funds are now closed. The projects they support have been completed.

Outer London Fund

The Outer London Fund (OLF) was launched by the Mayor in June 2011. It was a three-year initiative dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy and growth of London’s high streets and town centres.

The OLF offer was made up of £50 million of funding, supported by specialist advice on how to improve the character, quality and economic vitality of selected high streets and town centres. This advice included access to a pre-procured team with specialisms in economic development, event planning, community engagement and marketing. We also provided support with project scoping, design and delivery.

The fund was allocated in two rounds. The first round provided support to 30 places across 20 boroughs, with access to nearly £10 million of funds. The second round made £34 million available to 25 places in 18 boroughs.

Round One

The Mayor announced the recipients of the first round of funding in August 2011 following the submission of over 70 bids. Recipients of funding were selected against key criteria in accordance with their potential to support the good work of the boroughs and their partners to nurture sustainable growth and enhance the vitality of London’s high streets.

The Outer London Fund Round One Prospectus gives more detail about the programme.

View the successful projects.

Round Two

Recipients of the second round of funding were announced by the Mayor in January 2012, after the submission of over 80 bids. 25 projects across 18 boroughs were awarded funding.

The Outer London Fund Round Two Prospectus gives more information about this second round of funding.

View the successful projects.

Regeneris Consulting was appointed in 2013 to undertake a formative evaluation of Round 2 of the Mayor’s Outer London Fund (OLF).

The report, and the accompanying nine case studies, provides the final evaluation of the programme. The evaluation builds on the findings of the interim evaluation (autumn 2013), detailed analysis of programme performance data and consultation and engagement with those involved in delivering the programme and its composite projects

Portas Pilots

The Mayor supported the Portas initiative in London. We provided funding to three Round Two Portas Pilots within London:

The purpose of these pilots was to test the ideas in the Portas Review, and to provide an opportunity for local partnerships to develop. The pilots were chosen for their innovative approach and commitment to community partnerships.

A number of interesting initiatives have arisen from the London pilots. These include working with a local college to offer business-ready training to market stall holders, promoting healthy food initiatives and setting up an online town team to help crowd-source ideas and engage hard-to-reach interest groups.

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