Team London Awards 2019

Team London Awards 2019

The annual Team London Awards celebrate the individuals, teams and corporate volunteers who are making outstanding contributions to their communities and helping to make London the best city it can be.

Each day, tens of thousands of volunteers help charities to deliver their services. The Awards are one of the ways the Mayor recognises some of those volunteers who go above and beyond to create better local communities.

The nominations for Team London Awards 2019 will be launched soon. 

Award categories

The 2019 awards are across these categories:

  • Bringing Londoners together
    Volunteering which brings people from different backgrounds together allowing them to create bonds with each other.

  • Improving life chances
    Volunteering which helps people from disadvantaged backgrounds access London's opportunities.

  • Building strong communities
    Volunteering which supports communities and help them to solve local issues.

  • Culture
    Volunteering which supports London's creativity and culture.

  • Activity & wellbeing
    Volunteering which encourages Londoners to increase their physical activity levels or to take part in sport.

  • Environment
    Volunteering which helps to improve London's environment and outdoor spaces.

Nomination categories

Within these three categories, nominations included an individual or groups of volunteers:

  • Individual volunteer award
  • A volunteer 'team' award (A group of volunteers who have  come together to give back to their community)
  • A business or corporate volunteering group award (A group of business colleagues who are volunteering with the support of their employer).