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The Hoxton Trust

Where to find us

156 Hoxton St, London, N1 6SH


Organisation aims / mission / values

  • Our vision is of a respectful and friendly community, where people help each other learn, develop and grow a network of support.
  • Our mission is to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of the community so that together we can make our area a better place to live.
  • We support the local community through legal advice and community building.

How we deliver these aims

We deliver our mission by:  Investing in people to enable them to realise their potential.  Creating a mutually respectful, friendly, supportive environment where we work with people to help them learn, develop and solve their problems.  Working with others (public, private and voluntary sector groups and organisations) to create a network of support for our community.

Who benefits from our work

We offer free legal advice to help clients resolve problems in their lives. The Hoxton Community Garden provides outdoor space to local residents, passers-by and local businesses.


156 Hoxton St, London, N1 6SH