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The Challenge Hub CIC

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Where to find us

44 Rectory Road, London, SW13 0DT

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Organisation aims / mission / values

  • To encourage people aged over 55 to lead their fullest life and to help others.
  • We believe that a full life will include pleasure from simultaneously learning new things, taking physical exercise and making a social contribution
  • We reflect this philosophy in a challenge (The All in One Challenge) which calls for achievements in all three aspects.
  • The initiative is centred on a website designed to encourage Members to up-load content which will help to inform, inspire and motivate others.
  • To extend the concept to all parts of the community we will work with charities to operate bespoke challenges for their service users operated through The Challenge Hub under the generic name of The Charities Challenge. We also support Social Prescribing through this model.

How we deliver these aims

The Challenge Hub is centred on a website. Anyone aged over 55 may register as a Member. It encourages Members to participate in its challenge in order to provide a structured approach towards a positive and healthy lifestyle centred on the concept of making a social contribution. Participation in the challenge is non-essential because the website contains a lot of content and links designed to inform and enable people to learn new things, take physical exercise and help others. Members are encouraged to up-load Hub Tales with their own experiences, to feed-back comments and to up-load photographs. Members may also contact each other to set up, say, walking / learning / volunteering groups amongst themselves. The intention is to inform, inspire and motivate. There is strong evidence that the initiative will be of particular assistance (a) in transitioning from the structure of the workplace on retirement (there are many social issues around that) (b) in combatting loneliness and social isolation and (c) in relation to Social Prescribing. Charities may register with The Challenge Hub and connect their service users of any age who will have access to (but may not add) content. A bespoke challenge would be operated by the charity particular to the needs of its service users but on completion the Challenge Hub would certify the achievement as completion of The Charities Challenge. The initiative is publicly supported by Public Health England - who have contributed a member of our Advisory Board - and we have letters of support from The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, The Open University and The School for Social Entrepreneurs. The website is in advanced development and we intend to launch the pilot in October.

Who benefits from our work

Directly: 1. People moving away from the structure of a workplace towards retirement. There is strong evidence that this life transition causes harmful social issues around loss of self-esteem, loneliness, depression, matrimonial disharmony and physical ill-health. See Centre for Ageing better reports 2. People over the age of 55 who are looking for goals and a structure in life, to connect with like-minded people, to use cumulated skills for the benefit of others or to be part of something "bigger". 3. Charity service users under The Charities Challenge who are offered structure, goals and a chance to build self-esteem Indirectly: A. All charities for whom monies are raised within challenge activities B. All charities who can use the Hub as a tool in achieving their social objectives C. All link workers and providers of Social Prescription D. Providers of adult education, charities seeking volunteers and providers of physical events through increased participation E. Social services through improved health and well-being. We see the older population as a resource and part of the solution to an ageing population

Volunteer roles

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Website designer and Advisory Board member

The Challenge Hub CIC

To encourage people aged over 55 to lead their fullest life and to help others.

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44 Rectory Road, London, SW13 0DT