2Work graduates attend a celebration event at City Hall.

Team London 2Work

2Work is the GLA’s European Social Fund employment support programme for Londoners aged 18-24 who are not currently in education, training or employment.

Through a combination of high-quality volunteering opportunities, bespoke support and employability training opportunities, 2Work equips young Londoners with the skills, confidence and experience that they need to enter employment, education or training. In return, businesses can recruit potential employees who are well prepared for the world of work

Our ambition over the next three years is to support 600 young people to access high quality volunteering opportunities and employability training, and support 450 young people into sustained employment, education or training.

2Work is delivered by Peabody in partnership with Team London and co-funded by the European Social Fund and the GLA.

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If you are a business interested in becoming a Team London partner, please get in touch via email and a member of our team will respond.