Small Grants for Schools

Small Grants for Schools support schools to do something even bigger and better for their local community.

All Team London schools are eligible to apply, and successful schools can win funding of up to £1,000. We encourage applications from primary and secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units and special educational needs schools. 

Projects should ideally be led by the students, from conception to delivery.

We are particularly interested in supporting projects which focus on the Mayoral priorities of environment and air quality, gangs and knife crime, gender equality, homelessness, mental health and wellbeing, and social integration. 

Since launching in 2015, 32 schools have received small grants funding. Between 2015 - 2018 funding came from Unilever as part of their wider support of the Team London Young Ambassadors programme.

To find out more, read our guidance document.

I’ve enjoyed doing things for a purpose and making people smile. Siarsafi, Student.

This programme has helped our students to gain confidence, particularly in public speaking. Carina, Teacher

Our students come from such diverse backgrounds so it is good to see that this programme has united the kids for a common cause. Richard, Teacher

Unilever Bright Future Grant event 2017

Team London Small Grants 2018/2019 - Recipients

Kelmscott School, Waltham Forest

Kelmscott School will use their grant to develop Drip-16, a campaign for free sanitary products for under 16s. The campaign will include making badges, and an art installation using feminine products and packaging. Funds raised will support the Red Box Project. 

Buxton School, Waltham Forest

Buxton School will be running a mental health summit with 14 local schools in February 2018. The grant will be used to kick-start the summit, provide training for the young people and engage local parents and teachers.

Samuel Rhodes, Islington

Samuel Rhodes is an SEND school in Islington. The students will be running 10 food drives for the local area. The food drives will involve drumming up support within the school, neighbouring schools, and the wider community. 

Deptford Green School, Lewisham

Deptford Green School has an established Feminist Society which will be using their grant to host “Teach Meet” sessions for local teachers. These sessions will promote gender equality in schools, and educate teachers on how to promote positive gender roles and relationships.

Hackney City Farm, Hackney

Hackney City Farm is a small Pupil Referral Unit in Hackney. The students and teachers are using their grant to develop a social integration project which will bring in local elderly people from care homes and hospices for meals and the opportunity to meet the students. They hope to make the school a hub of community cohesion. 

Shaftesbury School, Harrow

Shaftesbury School is a SEND school. The students will use their grant to rejuvenate an outdoor space: overhauling the pond, building composting facilities, and developing outdoor teaching opportunities.

Eastbury Community School, Barking and Dagenham 

Eastbury Community School is launching a project called "See ME". This project will challenge stereotypes and perceptions people have based on appearance. The students will do this through a visual and online exhibition to engage other local young people in the conversation.

Oasis Academy Silvertown, Newham

The Year 10 sports leaders in Oasis Academy Silvertown will plan, equip and run a sports club in a local primary school, which aims to promote the positive effects of sport and exercise, and build lasting relationships in the local community. As well as giving the volunteers an opportunity to develop leadership, confidence and project management, they hope it will create positivity and excitement for Years 5 and 6 in preparation for their transition to secondary school.  

Tiffin Girls School, Kingston Upon Thames  

Tiffin Girls School will use their grant to move towards becoming a plastic-friendly school. The campaign will include replacing single use plastic items with reusable ones, and raising awareness on the need for everyone to change their use of plastic. The students will also run an environment conference for other local schools.  

Parliament Hill School, Camden

Parliament Hill School will address gender equality across three strands - period poverty, girls in STEM and tackling gender stereotypes. Students will lobby government about period poverty so that schools have free sanitary products. They will also plan a STEM day, inviting scientists and engineers to deliver workshops in local primary schools.

Sunnyhill Primary School, Lambeth 

Sunnyhill Primary School want to bridge the generation gap, by organising events and activities that benefit the mental and physical wellbeing of both young and old. Ideas include a chess competition, pen pals, gardening in the local community garden, a skills sharing afternoon and an inter-generational bake off and summer celebration event. Their intention is to build strong community relationships and integrate the generations to eradicate loneliness and improve mental health.    

Queen's Park Westminster Children's University, Westminster

Queen's Park Westminster Children's University will facilitate a week-long Wellbeing Camp. The camp will run for a week and create outreach, volunteering and advocacy opportunities for children in the local area, in conjunction with the community champions, community council and QP wellbeing practitioners. 

Yeading Junior School, Hillingdon 

Yeading Junior School would like to invite local elderly people to their school for coffee mornings and workshops. These workshops will promote social integration between different generations, and allow children and adults to communicate more freely. They will also host a summer party for the elderly.  

Featherstone Primary and Nursery School, Ealing 

Featherstone Primary and Nursery School will use their grant to launch “Going Wild about Learning”, a secret garden designed to enhance children's learning and experiences of the great outdoors.     

Gearies Primary, Redbridge 

Gearies Primary will deliver an “Inclusive Tag Rugby” tournament where all teams must be gender-balanced and a minimum of two children must have a special educational or physical need. They hope to create a tournament in which friends can genuinely play alongside each other in a absolute inclusivity. 

Rathfern Primary School, Lewisham

Rathfern Primary School would like to support local homeless people in Catford, Deptford and Lewisham, creating links with local shelters to offer support, food,hampers of clothes/shoes/blankets and free services from parents, such as haircuts.

Torriano Primary School, Camden 

Torriano Primary School want to campaign for the installation of a rehydration point outside Kentish Town Station. Over the past year children at Torriano have been campaigning about the environmental damage caused by single use plastic bottles. The students want to ensure that people in Kentish Town are aware of the environmental damage caused and encourage them to refill. 

Sellincourt Primary School, Wandsworth   

Sellincourt Primary School want to unite the school and local community to improve mental health and wellbeing, through the use of edible gardening and food education. The pupils want to highlight how to grow food - and the benefits that growing your own food can have - to their peers, parents and local community.

Russell Primary School, Richmond Upon Thames 

Russell Primary School has developed “Bubbles for Troubles”, a mental health support bag inspired by the wellbeing section of the Team London guide. The class will make small bags containing: tubs of bubbles for mindfulness, written instructions and happiness thoughts written from the children, and other kind gifts all packaged and ready to show others that someone cares. The bags will be used in school with all children as well as local care homes.

Edward Wilson Primary School, Westminster  

Edward Wilson Primary School has adopted a section of land by the canal from the Canal and River Trust. The students will use this space as a school garden and wildlife refuge. By taking care of the canal they will ensure that every child at the school feels a sense of responsibility for nature. 

Howard Primary School, Croydon  

Howard Primary School will construct a green wall along the front of their school to address the poor air quality in the area. This will help reduce the amount of air pollution entering the school grounds from the traffic travelling along local roads – in turn improving the health of the students. 

Unilever Small Grants 2017/2018 - Recipients

Sunnyhill Primary School, Lambeth

Sunnyhill Primary School Eco Warriers want to educate peers and parents, as well as other schools in the cluster, about the waste of energy, labour and food when they throw edible waste in the bin.  This will include the creation of a sustainable compost system and food growing as well as local litter picking and awareness raising in the local community. They will also host a celebration event where they make snacks from food waste and art from litter.

Highbury Fields, Islington

Highbury Fields are running a project on disability and deafness. As well as awareness raising through assemblies, a poster competition and Deaf Awareness Week, the students will fund sign language workshops for years 7-10 and engage with local community groups to teach the children about disability. 

Hendon School, Barnet

Hendon School want to take action on gang violence which has directly impacted their students. To do this students will be improving community relations through a Random Acts of Kindness initiative which will engage local residents and community groups. In school, they will host workshops and training on personal safety and first aid. They will also be engaging with the local university and business owners to ensure collaborations and relaunch Community Safe Havens.

Howard Primary School, Croydon

Howard Primary School are passionately supportive of local charity The Lily Trust which works to empower survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. Their funding will be used to support the charity with packs of baby essentials and to engage the local community in fundraising and donations. 

Shaftesbury High School, Harrow

Shaftesbury High School will use their funding to repair their school greenhouse. In doing so the young people will learn about sustainability, food growing and cooking. The food produced will be used in cooking lessons or sold to local shelter and care homes to develop the young people’s numeracy skills. 

St Francis de Sale School, Haringey

St Francis de Sale School visit North Middlesex University Hospital Older Peoples Wards to celebrate Christmas and Easter. The School Council would like to deepen this engagement by hosting monthly tea parties for the Older People Wards. As well as offering a pleasant distraction for the patients, the students will also be encouraging local elderly people to volunteer at the events.

Wood Pecker Hall Academy, Enfield

Wood Pecker Hall Academy will use their funding to create a chain of social activities, linking their primary and secondary sites. This will include food growing in the primary school, which is used to supply the Skills For Life cooking lessons in the secondary school. They will also be hosting 'Lad and Dad' gardening sessions and creating a recipe book. 

Eastbury Community School, Barking and Dagenham

Eastbury Community School want their school to be a place where everyone feels valued for who they are. To this end they will be using their funding to extend their existing LGBTQ+ ambassador programme into their primary phase and wider community. This will include a celebration event in LGBT month, outdoor displays and peer education activities. 

Jo Richardson Community School, Barking and Dagenham

Jo Richardson Community School is passionate about mental health and want to create awareness through a special, themed youth summit. The school will invite up to 30 other London schools to join them for a day of workshops and activities which will empower the young people attending to go on to run events in their local area.

Russell Primary School, Richmond

Russell Primary School are passionate about literacy. Their funding will allow them to create Story Sacks: cloth bags or boxes which are filled with resources and stimuli to help bring stories to life through role play and discussion. The sacks will be distributed around the school grounds in a bid to foster extreme reading. The local community are keen to get involved with more than eight languages being contributed by parents, and local residents being invited in for story time.

Unilever Small Grants 2016/2017 - Recipients

Barnes Primary School – International online news Network. Newsnuggets Network is a free, weekly co-curricular school news club for children aged 9-15.

Burnt Ash Primary School – Local Community Garden. The Young Ambassadors are building a dedicated children’s area within a local community garden.

Farnham Green Primary School - Hospital Packs. Students are making ‘Get well soon’ packs to help patients that are in the hospital in the area - King George’s hospital.

Highgate Primary School – Story Club. The Young Ambassadors are bringing the older and younger generations together through weekly story-telling and discovery time in the school allotment.

Jo Richardson Community  School – Breakfast Club. The students are expanding their Breakfast Club for disadvantaged students which is led by the sixth-formers.

Mitchell Brook Primary School – Book Club. The Young Ambassadors are supporting Dads and children improve their bonds, literacy, confidence, and emotional well-being by coming together with guided professional support to write and publish a book together.

Notre Dame Primary School – Healthy eating and financial literacy. Notre Dame School's young volunteers are running a programme that will get families cooking and eating together.. 

South Rise Primary School – Healthy Eating and Nutrition. South Rise is inviting athletes and sports people into their school to inform young people about healthy lifestyles and careers in sport.

St Saviour’s Primary School - Refugee Welcome Packs. The Young Ambassadors are making welcome packs for refugees which include blankets, food, cuddly toys and toiletries.

Netley Primary School. The Young Ambassadors are monitoring the levels of air pollution in their local area, to see if construction (particularly related to HS2) and traffic are having an impact on air quality in their local area.

Queen's Park Primary School – Community Street Party. Queen's Park is holding a street party to raise awareness of particular charities in their local area. 

Unilever Small Grants 2015/2016 - Recipients

Abbotsfield School, Hillingdon    

Abbotsfield supports a local elderly residential home and visit the residents every week. For their brightFuture project they hosted an extravagant high tea party at the home in conjunction with the Queen’s 90th birthday in June 2016. As well as a fantastic spread of food, there was music, dancers and volunteers will the boys dressed in vintage clothing.

Bradstow School, Wandsworth/Broadstairs    

Bradstow School is a specialist autistic school based in Margate. For their brightFuture project, they invested in equipment and tools to allow them to involve more young people in a local environmental project. The school has strong links to Culmers Land and Mocketts Wood and gives a significant amount of time clearing, weeding and revamping the area for public use. 

Broadford School, Havering    

Broadford Primary School started a kindness revolution. During their #wearekind month they had random acts of kindness to complete each day. They also encouraged the local community to join the revolution. Around the school they had boxes where everyone recorded random acts of kindness that they had seen, carried out or received.

Camden School for Girls, Camden    

Camden hosted a charity bake off competition which culminated in an afternoon tea party at the local old people’s home. The residents were regaled with entertainment and interaction with the pupils as they judged the winner of the bake off.

Conway Primary School, Greenwich    

Conway has a passion for literacy and launched a parent and child book club in the community. In doing so they promoted not only literacy but also family relationships, self-esteem and social cohesion.

Hendon School, Barnet    

Hendon School is working to end the discrimination and stigma around mental health issues. They hosted the first ever student-led conference on mental health and launched the first Young People’s Mental Health Charter in Barnet.

Mosaic Jewish Primary School, Wandsworth    

Pupils from the school used their grant to being to grow their own vegetables to eat, have food to share with our local community and also be able to recycle food waste. Their garden project helped them learn more about looking after the environment and sustainability.

Southfields Academy, Wandsworth    

The pupils' ‘Edu-tainment’ project helped senior students to volunteer as peer mentors to younger students who are new to the country. They used cultural visits and activities across London to empower the younger students and improve their attitudes towards learning. Many of the pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds so this was a wonderful way to increase their access to London’s culture and history.

St Andrew’s CE Primary School, Islington    

St Andrew’s plans to develop a school farm which will include raised beds for growing, hen houses and bee hives. The proceeds of their labour will be split between cooking lessons for pupils, sales to local businesses and donations to the local night shelter.

St Saviour’s C of E Primary School, Lambeth    

St Saviour’s has been working together to help homeless people within their local community. Their brightFuture grant helped them to buy sleeping bags and survival bags. They used these to create ‘St Saviour’s Street Survival Kits’ which also contained a hat, scarf, gloves, socks, toiletries, water bottle, help cards, joke cards and prayer cards. They donated the kits to homeless people who use Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Yeading Junior School, Hillingdon    

Yeading is located school on a busy residential road. Their brightFuture grant helped the young volunteers to campaign for better road safety by protesting using colourful
banners and electing road safety officers. They also educated their parents and the local community about the dangers of the road and what steps they need to take when driving or parking near the school.

How to Apply

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