Armed Forces Day

Forces for London

Veterans returning from military service need help to find new jobs. In the UK, 700,000 veterans aged 16 to 64 are unemployed. Those who leave the service early are most likely to be jobless. 

Just over half, 52 percent, are in jobs six months after leaving. This year, our volunteering into work scheme will expand to include veterans.

This programme will:

  • Help veterans develop employability skills by volunteering and connecting them to networks in their own community
  • Help them translate current skills into those needed in the civilian job market
  • Offer mentoring to help them find jobs and progress once they are in work
  • Help them find paid work that matches their skills

We are currently looking for a lead partner who will have the chance to shape the programme and have access to a diverse group of skilled candidates for your roles.

We are also interested in speaking to businesses who would offer guaranteed interviews for veterans returning to work to support the programme.

Get in touch

If you are a business interested in becoming a Team London partner, please get in touch via email and a member of our team will respond.