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Team London Skill-UP

Team London Skill-UP

The Team London Skill-UP programme matches skilled business volunteers with staff from small charities to help them develop their skills and become more efficient in their roles.

Skills gaps can be a problem for London's small charities - which make up 96 per cent of the sector. Staff often work in small teams multitasking different areas of expertise, such as finance, HR and communications. But it is not possible to be an expert in all these roles; charities need external support, advice and training to support their staff. That’s where Skill-UP helps.

Team London Skill-UP works in partnership with specialist businesses whose staff volunteer their time to develop and deliver training courses to small charities. This allows the organisations to be as effective and efficient as possible and have an even greater impact on London’s communities.

The programme is unique as it offers high-quality free training combined with post-training support to ensure that the learning is integrated into the daily running of the organisation. This support will be mentoring or online support.

Team London Skill-UP modules:

Human Resources by CIPD

An overview of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to exit interview. Includes performance management, staff development and how to link training into your business plan. Also prepares you for a productive relationship with your CIPD mentor – typically a minimum of 6 months – and offers useful resource materials.   

Finance by Citi An overview of everything you need to know to keep your charity’s finances in order. Includes twelve months mentoring (a full financial cycle). 
Communications and PR by Portland How to communicate in the right way to the right people by creating bespoke strategy for your charity. Includes six months mentoring.
Social Media by Twitter Providing tips and guidance on how to run campaigns on Twitter. Follow up training consists of a live Q&A Twitter session for two months after the training.
Strategy and Business Planning by Elixirr A tailored strategy and realistic business goals are vital for the success and sustainability of any organisation or business. A strategy and business plan are two distinctly different documents but there is overlap between them. This module will help you to articulate your goals and provide practical tools and advice on how to achieve them. Includes access to a mentor for six months. 

Working with Businesses and Partnerships by Natixis Global Asset Management

An overview of how to prepare your organisation for a potential business/charity partnership. Includes a practice pitch session at a City office.  
Digital Upskilling by Microsoft Helping to improve your basic digital knowledge and understanding of the positive impact that technology can have on your organisation. Includes access to a mentor for up to six months, guidance and support.

Important information

Dates, times & applications

​​​​​​To participate, organisations should be:

  • a small charity, or non-profit with an income of under 1.5m per annum
  • prepared to participate in the post-training mentoring provided by the employee volunteer
  • prepared to share regular feedback to Team London and provide a case study

Small charities are the unsung heroes in many local communities, making an incredible difference to people’s lives. This is an important opportunity to connect with them and support the vital work they do. If we can help make their jobs easier by sharing the skills and expertise of our employees, it frees them up to do what they do best – provide much needed services and support to those in need. James Bardrick, Citi.

Module dates & applications

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What to expect from your training


Our CIPD module promises to give you an understanding of the employee lifecycle and where HR interacts. The training is designed to help your employees, your organisation, and you, have a positive and mutually beneficial experience working together. This is:

  • From advertising a vacancy
  • Interviews
  • Recruitment
  • Induction
  • Performance management
  • Development and training
  • Exiting the organisation


A tailored strategy and realistic business goals are vital for the success and sustainability of any organisation or business. This module will help you to articulate your goals and provide practical tools and advice on how to achieve them. 

The Elixirr Skill-UP workshop will help you understand:

  • The difference between a strategy and a business plan and where the two overlap
  • The framework needed to create both documents
  • Who needs to contribute
  • How to track progress and ensure implementation

The workshop will also provide practical sessions to create the foundation for your own documents for your charity


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