Awards Team London

Team London Awards 2017

The annual Team London Awards ceremony celebrates the individuals, teams and corporate volunteers who are making outstanding contributions to their communities and helping to make London the best city it can be.

Each day, tens of thousands of volunteers help charities to deliver their services. The Awards are one of the ways the Mayor recognises some of those volunteers who go above and beyond to create better local communities.

The Awards ceremony will take place on 6 November 2017 at City Hall, where all shortlisted nominees will join Team London's celebrity ambassadors and VIP guests.

Nominations for the Team London Awards 2017 have now closed.

The Team London Awards 2017 will be distributed in the following categories:

  • Environment & Healthy Living Award
    • greening & cleaning, regeneration, sustainability, food growing, nutrition, air pollution activities and any other activity that improves the environment or healthy living
  • Skills & Development Award      
    • mentoring, coaching, befriending, training, advice sessions, sharing of information that brings positive impact to the community
  • Community Engagement Award   
    • all forms of community engagement, outreach, integration and volunteering activities aimed at improving social cohesion in communities
  • Sports Award     
    • volunteering activity that brings benefit to communities through sport, increasing volunteers helping to run sports activities, increasing the reach of sport into new communities    
  • Uniformed Youth Groups Award         
    • the volunteering work that young people undertake in their uniform groups or the adult volunteers who give their time to running the units
  • Outstanding Commitment to Corporate Volunteering in the Community Award   
    • a robust and wide-ranging volunteering/CSR programme which has been in place for at least three years
  • Innovative Corporate Volunteering in the Community Award
    • a long-term or very innovative volunteering project
Criteria for Nominations

Criteria for a Team London Award:

  • Nominees should be currently volunteering in London
  • By volunteering, the nominees must bring benefit to London or Londoners
  • The volunteering should be associated with a named project, campaign, group, charity or organisation which is registered or verifiable
  • The volunteering should be making a considerable impact on a person, group of people, or area within London
  • The impact of the volunteering must be demonstrated
  • All nominations must be made by a third party

Other criteria which may be considered:

  • Shown outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to volunteering
  • Achieved outstanding impact through volunteering
  • Given exceptional service to their organisation
  • Undertaken activity which stands out from others doing similar work
  • Volunteered regularly over a period of time
  • Overcome challenges or barriers to be able to volunteer