YLF Impact Partnerships Fund

The Impact Partnerships Fund is part of the Mayor's Sport Unites programme and Young Londoners Fund. It will provide funding for two year projects that use sport to support young people aged 10-25 who are at risk of getting involved in crime. The funded projects will create employment and training opportunities for participants. 

Grants of £100,000 - £200,000 are available and the delivery of projects should take place over two years. The fund will 'scale up' up to six existing initiatives with a proven track record in using sport to support those at risk of crime. 

Expressions of Interest open on 1 July 2019 and close on 14 August 2019. 

If successful, you will be invited to submit a full application by 21 August 2019. 

What can I get a Impact Partnership grant for?

If your project involves costs for the following, we will pay for it (as long as the total is within the maximum limit of your grant, and you can show how the various things are needed):

  • Venue hire costs: for example, what it costs you to rent a hall or other kind of space to run your project
  • Coaching fees and other costs directly related to the running of your project
  • Equipment: the hire or purchase of any smaller items of equipment or clothing you may need to run your project – including specially adapted items to ensure equal access and opportunity
  • Transport: to help you, your staff and volunteers and the people coming to your project get there and back
  • Refreshments: for you, your staff and volunteers, and the people coming to your project (food, and soft drinks only)
  • Other volunteer costs: for example t-shirts to make them feel part of your team
  • Marketing: so that you can spread the word and make sure people know to come
  • ‘Core costs’: by this we mean a contribution to your management and admin salaries, general office costs and other overheads that aren’t directly related to the running of your project. We would not expect your core costs to exceed 15-20 per cent of your total project budget

What types of projects are you looking for?

We are looking for initiatives that:

  • Provide regular activities for ‘at-risk’ Young Londoners. We classify an ‘at-risk’ young person as someone who has previously committed a crime or is likely to commit a crime. We would expect to see how ‘at-risk’ young people have been referred or recruited to your project
  • Provide employment and training opportunities for participants
  • Use sport (and can include additional means such as art, wellbeing activities etc.) to engage young people at risk of getting involved in crime

Sport means various kinds of physical activities that bring people entertainment, enjoyment and relaxation, from traditional sports to alternative activities such as dance, yoga and running.

Who can apply?

  • A constituted non-profit organisation
  • Organisations with a minimum turnover of £200,000

Organisations that don't meet these requirements may still be able to apply. However, they should apply in partnership with an organisation that does. 

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