Model City

City Hall has partnered with Laureus Sport for Good and Nike to deliver an innovative initiative called ‘Model City’. Model City is a key project of the Mayor’s Sport Unites programme.

What is Model City?

Model City empowers communities to create change in their local area through harnessing the power of sport. The initiative is underway as a place-based pilot in three London Boroughs: Haringey, Barking and Hounslow.

Each Model City comprises of community members who form a ‘coalition’. The coalition works together to identify local challenges and selects sports initiatives to fund in order to address them.

Real change starts local

Model City is a powerful example of the ‘bottom up’ approach that Sport Unites champions – actively encouraging local communities to influence the decisions that impact them. Funding is ultimately directed towards the issues that coalitions recognise as being important to their area and its residents.

Empowering locals to lead the decision-making process builds trust – creating a framework for partnerships to develop and communities to thrive. A combination of data, desk-based research and local consultation were used to determine the Model City locations in London.

Collaborative partnerships and shared objectives

Model City is a partnership between City Hall, Laureus Sport for Good and Nike. Laureus Sport for Good is a global charity that uses the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage for young people. Model City has been used to create positive change through sport in New Orleans and Atlanta.

To find out more about Model City, please email [email protected]. Learn more about other key projects within the Sport Unites programme.

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