Sport for disabled Londoners

Sport for disabled people

Getting more disabled Londoners involved in sport and physical activity is among the Mayor’s top priorities.

What support is the Mayor providing?

The Mayor has helped create and implement a Londonwide strategy for active disabled Londoners. Called Inclusive and Active 2, the plan was devised in collaboration with the NHS and Interactive.

All organisations wishing to apply for the Mayor’s Sports Participation Fund must adhere to the Inclusive and Active 2 plan.

What are the aims of Inclusive and Active 2?

Inclusive and Active 2 sets out ways to increase opportunities for disabled Londoners to take part in sport and physical activity. The plan has five major aims:

  1. Changing the culture – changing attitudes, raising awareness and raising the profile of sport for disabled people in the capital.
  2. Inclusive activity – providing adequate, sufficient and equal opportunities for disabled people.
  3. More people, more active – to enable disabled people to view being active as a viable lifestyle choice.
  4. Diversifying the sector – enabling disabled people to work within the sports sector; making sure they are adequately represented within sports organisations.
  5. Skilling the sector – ‘Disability Equality Training’ must be mandatory so that the sector has the necessary skills and expertise to support disabled people into, and within, sport.

How can my organisation adopt Inclusive and Active 2?

Adopting ‘Inclusive and Active 2’ is a simple process. Information on taking on the strategy can be found at the Interactive website.

How to find sporting opportunities for disabled Londoners

If you’re a disabled Londoner looking to get involved in sport or physical activity in your area, visit the English Federation of Disability Sport website.