Funding for skills development

Increasing Skills and Capacity in Sport

Increasing sports participation and reducing levels inactivity in London are key priorities for the Mayor. In order to help address these issues, the Mayor is funding the upskilling of sports coaches and volunteers, as well as developing sports clubs in the capital to deliver more activities to more people.

What is the funding used for?

Building capacity and skills involves:

  • training people as coaches, club managers, and officials
  • supporting and developing local sports clubs and other grassroots and community sports organisations
  • supporting volunteering

What has the programme funded?

So far, under the banner of 'the Mayor's Skills Fund':

  • more than 13,000 people have been trained as coaches, volunteers or officials in a range of sports across London
  • at least 200,000 volunteer hours have been pledged to community sports in London
  • more than 100 disabled Londoners have been helped into jobs in the sports and leisure industry
  • a clear skills gap has been filled and capacity created to support the increased number of people taking part in sports throughout London since 2009

ClubWorks - How can I get involved?

The Mayor is currently funding a three year long club development programme, ClubWorks.

ClubWorks is managed by our partners at London Sport and is supporting the development of at least 300 sports clubs and other frontline organisations through.

Visit London Sport's website for more information about the programme.