Mayor's Construction Academy hubs

Set up to ensure that Londoners have the skills they need to thrive in the capital’s fast-growing construction industry, the Mayor’s Construction Academy (MCA) brings together seven hubs across London. These hubs will see better working between training providers delivering the right skills to meet demand, and housebuilding employers with vacancies to fill. Organisations successfully appointed as hub leads will have access to revenue funding to ensure they can do this effectively.

The main aims of the MCA hubs will be to:

  • boost the number of skilled workers and opportunities in construction, particularly for women and those from black and ethnic minorities
  • provide more high-quality training and initiatives across the capital to give Londoners the skills needed to enter and progress in construction
  • increase collaboration in the sector, particularly between small and medium sized businesses and construction skills training providers
  • support the development of training provision for the construction of more prefabricated housing in London

The hubs comprise key organisations involved with construction – including large employers, SMEs, FE providers, independent providers, universities, trade bodies, local authorities and employment brokerages. All these organisations share the common goal of helping Londoners to develop the skills they need to tackle the city’s housing needs. See here a map of their locations.

The following have been successfully awarded MCA hub lead status (subject to the signing of a grant funding agreement):

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