Governance and decision-making

The Mayor has put governance arrangements in place to drive his Skills for Londoners Strategy. These arrangements will help to implement and deliver his skills and employment programmes, including adult education in London.

These include all the decision-making bodies that advise the Mayor on key activities and decisions. These bodies also monitor programme delivery and provide a forum to engage key stakeholders to ensure that strategic priorities are met and Londoners' needs are addressed.

All recommendations made by these bodies are subject to the GLA's formal decision-making processes.


Adult Education Budget (AEB) Mayoral Board 

Chaired by the Mayor, this is the key forum for ensuring the AEB programme is implemented and delivered effectively.

Adult Education Budget (AEB) Programme Board

This officer-led board provides oversight of the day-to-day management of the programme and makes key recommendations to the Mayor in relation to AEB

Skills for Londoners Board

This board engages our key stakeholders to inform the GLA's priorities for the AEB, as well as helping to drive the Skills for Londoners Strategy.

Skills for Londoners Business Partnership

This Partnership is responsible for advising the Mayor on how to improve and better align skills provision to meet skills needs in London.


AEB Assurance Framework

The AEB Assurance Framework sets out how the Greater London Authority (GLA) manages London’s AEB as delegated to the Mayor of London by the Secretary of State for Education.


For more information regarding our governance and decision-making, please contact us at [email protected].

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