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Funding opportunities

As part of the Skills for Londoners initiative, we have a range of funding opportunities to boost training provision in the skills London's economy needs. Funding is available for training providers, employers and learners.

Below is a list of the projects we're running as part of the Skills for Londoners initiative:

Apprenticeships for Londoners

Apply for funding to support employers increase the number of Londoners starting apprenticeships.

Skills for Londoners Innovation Fund

Supports London’s Adult Education Budget (AEB) grant-funded provider base to deliver innovative education and skills training in London.

MCA Hub Funding Opportunity

To improve coordination across London, to help ensure that training is employer-led and that learners can gain the relevant skills they need to access current and future construction sector vacancies.

Capital Fund

Helps the further education sector give all Londoners access to the skills they need to succeed.

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) aims to improve employment opportunities across the EU and raise living standard.

Digital Talent Programme

London's businesses need a workforce with the right digital skills - and the Digital Talent programme is here to help.

Mayor's Construction Academy

The Construction Academy Scheme helps more Londoners access construction skills training and fill jobs in the sector.


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