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AEB provider induction

All GLA AEB providers should develop their knowledge and understanding of managing their grant-funded and/or procured provision in preparation for delivery from 1 August 2019.

Induction workshops introduced providers to the GLA Ops system, performance management, subcontracting, and the GLA's audit and assurance approach.

AEB Grant provider workshop presentations are attached below for information and reference.

Performance management

To maintain provider stability the GLA is committed to making minimal changes to the Education and Skills Funding Agency's (ESFA's) performance management processes during the first year of delivery.

The GLA's approach will be aligned with the ESFA's draft 2019/20 AEB funding and performance management rules. This draft document is applicable to all AEB grant-funded providers. A final version will be published by July 2019.

Performance Management Induction workshop presentation

Audit and assurance

The development of a joint audit and assurance regime between the ESFA and GLA for the London's AEB is underway, and will represent better value for money that separate audit arrangements in addition to limiting the extra burden on providers to prepare for audits.  There are ongoing discussions with the Office for Students regarding higher education institutions and other devolved authorities concerning out of London providers.  


Audit and Assurance Induction workshop presentation



GLA systems and payments

GLA Ops is the central corporate system used by the GLA to manage its contracts and grant agreements. GLA Ops has been developed to support performance management, and grant and contract payments associated with the AEB programme. Providers will interact with the GLA in a similar way to the existing ESFA Manage your Education and Skills Funding system.  


 GLA Systems Induction workshop presentation


Broadly, the GLA's approach to subcontracting will be the same as the ESFA's. However, to satisfy requirements around achieving value for money, there will be a requirement for providers to seek approval from the GLA prior to entering an arrangement with a subcontractor. Approval will also be required for any in-year changes to subcontracting arrangements. If AEB procured providers intend to make any changes to their subcontracting arrangements, they should refer to the GLA AEB Procured subcontracting changes - guidance.  And other than in exceptional circumstances which have been agreed by the GLA, there will be a 20% cap on provider management fees.


Subcontracting Induction workshop presentation

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