Opinion research

London’s population is diverse, with many different cultures, beliefs and attitudes. We need to make sure everybody understands our policies and has the chance to make an impact on decision making at City Hall.

We want to create a shared vision of the future of London and work together to make it happen.

Our opinion research team helps to inform policy teams at City Hall, by putting the views of Londoners at the centre of strategies and programmes. We do this through meaningful research, representative polling, focus groups, debate and consultations about how to improve London.

Some of this takes place through our online community, Talk London:

Talk London

Talk London is a space where you can have your say on London's big issues. We gather your views to help shape the policy decisions of the future - on housing, the environment, transport, safety, culture, health and the economy.

Through discussions on Talk London, we want to inspire and capture open debate on public policy challenges: not just between the Mayor and Londoners, but also citizen to citizen. We also run surveys and publish the findings on the London Datastore for everyone to see.

Join the Talk London community and have your say. You can also read the Talk London blog for an overview of our most recent research.

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