Supporting regeneration in east London’s Growth Boroughs

Date published: 
01 October 2013

The Mayor of London and the elected Mayors and leaders of the six Olympic Host Boroughs are committed to achieving socio-economic convergence between the Host Boroughs and the rest of London over the period to 2030. The challenge of convergence is to ensure that over 20 years the scale of disadvantage experienced by Host Borough residents is greatly reduced through:

  • higher educational attainment
  • achievement of greater skills qualifications
  • increases in the number of economically active adults
  • reduction in child poverty
  • increase in life expectancy
  • reduction in housing overcrowding
  • reduction in violent and gang crime

The Mayor, in his London Plan, has declared the Olympic Park and surrounding area as 'London's most important regeneration priority for the next 25 years' and has committed the GLA and its functional bodies to take account of this ambition in the development and implementation of all strategies, plans and business plans. The Convergence Action plan for the period 2011-2015 is a clear statement of how in the next four years the Host Boroughs, the Mayor of London and their partners will take practical steps to address these issues. The GLA and the Host Boroughs have agreed to publish a Convergence Framework Annual Report to track year-on-year progress towards achieving Convergence.

In October 2013, the Mayor and the Leaders and Mayors of the Host Boroughs (now 'Growth Boroughs') endorsed the third Convergence Annual Report for 2012-13. It shows that 6 convergence indicators have achieved their mid-term (2014/15) targets two years early, and the convergence gap between the Growth Boroughs and the London average has reduced for most indicators.

Further information on the 2012-13 Convergence Annual Report can be found below and at London's Growth Boroughs website.

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