The Mayor’s Action for High Streets

Date published: 
17 July 2014

This report sets out why the Mayor wants to make London’s high streets even better places to visit, live, and do business in. It acknowledges that high streets are worth fighting for and will continue to play an important part in London’s changing economy.

The report highlights the value and potential of London’s high streets, as well as the many challenges they face. It argues that we need to respond to such challenges on a place by place basis. It further sets out the Mayor’s ambition for high streets to host a wider range of uses, including some of the new homes and jobs London needs.

It also outlines what the Mayor and his staff will do to help high streets, including how to diversify and grow and the support on offer from the Mayor’s regeneration team. It makes the case for investment and how the Mayor will lobby to protect the future of London’s high streets.

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