Photo credit: with permission from Kirklees College

Kirklees College: getting the best results from collaboration

Kirklees College in Yorkshire received £3.1m funding from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, and support from local businesses, to build a new training centre for skills and apprenticeships in process manufacturing.

How does this show what we're looking for?

  • Employer collaboration was at the heart of it. A small group of businesses came together to talk about training needs in the industry and to develop a plan for the Centre
  • The Centre was developed to fill a clear gap in specialist manufacturing training and facilities

What did they achieve?

The Kirklees College Process Manufacturing Centre:

  • Provides a state of the art process manufacturing facility including chemistry laboratories and a learning resource centre
  • Manages industry approved apprenticeships like laboratory technicians, supply chain management and warehousing
  • Helped to secure a contract for the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink – to create two new apprenticeships which match Government’s new standards

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