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Funding opportunity for citizen engagement and participation projects

Funding details and eligibility

The Mayor is committed to making the capital a City for All Londoners, where every community can thrive. He has appointed Deputy Mayor, Matthew Ryder to make London fairer and more inclusive, and to encourage active citizenship. This will only be possible in collaboration with London’s communities.

The Mayor’s Community Engagement team will be funding community groups that are currently under-represented in the GLA’s engagement and consultation processes.

The Citizen Led Engagement Programme will distribute a fund for four community-based projects, and run a tailored learning programme.

The programme will:

  • improve the Mayor’s connections with communities that do not currently have a voice in City Hall
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of Citizen-Led Engagement as a source of insight in developing the Mayor’s agenda for Social Integration
  • generate insight to inform policy and practice in City Hall
  • identify and develop civic leaders within specific target groups to better enable on going engagement with the GLA
  • pilot a new way of engaging communities that could be used as an example to share with other GLA teams

Which communities?

We want to build strong engagement and relationships across all London communities. However, historically some communities have been less well represented, and consequently their voices less heard.

This programme is an opportunity to begin to redress some of this balance and to form lasting relationships, which go beyond this programme. The community engagement team has identified the following gaps in City Hall’s community relationships:

  • young Black men
  • BAME Older People (65+)
  • homeless people and rough sleepers
  • Gypsy, Roma and Traveller groups
  • Somali communities
  • Eastern European communities (especially Romanian and Bulgarian communities)

Bids from the six communities listed above will be strongly encouraged and the community engagement team will run capacity-building workshops for community-based organisations. 

If you are interested in applying or have any other questions please email [email protected]