Download your Project Toolkit:

Project Planning Worksheets

These sheets can be printed at home (we recommend A3 paper) and then used to flesh out the details of your proposal, your community and how you'll get things done. This will help you to think through your campaign.

Community Projects Handbook

Our companion guide is packed full of practical information, common pitfalls, hints, tips and inspiration to help you develop well considered neighbourhood projects that can succeed in the interests of your wider community. 

Key Questions Worksheets

Once you think you've planned your idea, write a short answer to each of these questions and use this to help you create your campaign and pitch to our fund on Spacehive. Download and print these sheets on A4 paper. 

Everything you need to know to run a great campaign:

Spacehive's Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding

This guide has been produced by our partner crowdfunding platform, Spacehive, who specialise in crowdfunding civic improvement projects. It will help you to turn your project idea into an engaging campaign. You’ll learn how to tell your story, gain local buy-in and plan an effective campaign to raise the funds you need

Top Tips from successful crowdfunders:

Think about:

  • your idea - why would it make a positive contribution to the whole community? Have you thought of alternatives? What are the strengths, weaknesses and risks? Why would others want to back it?
  • the budget you require - once you set your campaign target, you will need to deliver the project with the money raised. Get at least three quotes for large cost items and plan contingency for unexpected costs later down the line.
  • the roles in your team and the skills you require - what does each person bring and what else do you need to source from your community to help you?


  • people to engage with your project campaign - building local relationships now will help you find support to help realise your project later on. How can you include people to ensure your project responds to the needs and desires of others?
  • bigger pledges to your campaign by offering people rewards if they pledge over a certain amount. For example, a guided tour of your project or a permanent, public marker of their support.
  • local businesses to sponsor you or be a partner throughout the campaign: promotion for you and promotion for them!

Use social media:

  • to create a Twitter page, website, mailing list or Facebook page as soon as your project is up - people hear about your project through word of mouth, these will be the first things they search for.
  • put someone in charge of social media promotion - this will be particularly helpful if you have a large/ambitious project and will be vital to your crowdfunding campaign.

Involve lots of people:

  • share the load - perhaps have someone looking after the budget and another the day to day management? 
  • host fundraising events which can get lots of local people involved - you’ll raise the profile of your project as well as raising funds and you will be able to demonstrate that you have broad local support for your idea
  • ask us or Spacehive if there have been similar projects to yours before. If there are, get in touch and ask them for their top tips/some advice

...and don't forget:

  • there will be ups and downs during your crowdfunding journey, especially in the middle. Don’t be disheartened; this happens to most projects. Just keep going and take each stage at a time. It will be worth it!

Other useful guides:

Crowdfunding Stories

This short introduction to Crowdfund London brings together the experiences of the first wave of pioneering project creators. Read their stories and get inspiration for your own campaign.

Small Change Big Impact


Produced by Transport for London, Small Change Big Impact is a practical guide to delivering temporary, light touch and low-cost projects to change the way a street looks and feels. These projects align well with Crowdfund London and can have a big impact on people's lives, often acting as the first step towards more permanent changes.



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