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Crowdfund London

Do you have a great idea to make London even better? We can help you make it happen with Crowdfund London.

Whether your idea is big or small, this is your chance to make a real difference in your local area


How does Crowdfund London work?



First of all, you need to come up with an idea. It could be large and ambitious, or modest but interesting. Whatever it is, it should address a local challenge or seize an opportunity to improve a corner of our city. If you’re looking for inspiration, have a look at some of the ideas we’ve supported in the past.



You’ll then need to run a crowdfunding campaign on Spacehive where you present your idea and drum up local support. Running a campaign can bring your community together. It’s also a great way to find the skills, talent and enthusiasm you need to bring your idea to life. If you hit your target, you’re on your way to making your project happen.



This year, we’re committing £500k to support local projects. We’ll back the best campaigns with a pledge of up to £50k from the Mayor to help you get started. We, the Mayor’s Regeneration Team, will also help you to make your project a success once it launches.


Watch this space

We’ll be announcing more details of Crowdfund London in late April. In the meantime:

You can also read blogs about the projects that have been funded by the Mayor.