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Hear from the Mayor of London

Applications for this round have closed.

But, if you have a great idea to make your local area even better, there will be future opportunities to crowdfund your project and receive a pledge from the Mayor. In the meantime you can start working with your community to plan a great project.

5 things to consider
  1. Think carefully about your idea: Does it respond to a local challenge, celebrate the character of your area and benefit local people?

  2. Talk to people in your area:  Do they support your idea? Do they have ideas to make it even better? Can they help? Your idea should represent the needs of your community and have their support.

  3. Get organised: You’ll need to a team to deliver your project or partner with a local organisation who can help. You’ll need to have good governance arrangements and a group bank account. Have you got the right skills? How can your community get involved?

  4. Do your research: You’ll need to talk to the landowner and your local council and make sure your idea is possible in principle. You'll need to write a budget and double check the cost of large items by getting more than one quote. What are the risks and how can you plan for them? Will you need permissions, licenses or insurance?  

  5. Plan ahead: Remember that when the time comes you'll need to run a crowdfunding campaign to access a pledge from the mayor. Think about how you would structure this and how you will get your community behind you.

Three things you need to know

We are really open minded to different types of ideas but typically they will be civic improvement projects and must be:

  • in Greater London
  • well resourced with a clear plan and budget
  • managed by an organisation representing their community


We will not fund:

  • local services (such as those under pressure from constraints to public spending)
  • proposals that could be equally applicable anywhere (such as Christmas lights) or those that are not place/community based
  • 'business as usual' activity (such as normal maintenance or repairs or projects that only seek to continue existing activities) or start-up business acting in a 'for-profit' model with no social contract


To be eligible for a pledge from the Mayor, you must:

  • be a constituted local organisation- we can't fund individuals. If you are an individual, you would need to partner with an appropriate local organisation and develop your idea together
  • be able to enter into legal contracts with the Greater London Authority
  • demonstrate clear and representative governance arrangements (your mission statement, who you represent, how you conduct yourselves and your membership, key roles and responsibilities etc.) and provide details of an organisation bank account
The types of projects we're looking to fund

We want to pledge projects that:

  • celebrate and strengthen the special character of your area
  • respond to a local challenge or opportunity in a creative way
  • give an unused space a new lease of life
  • help the local economy
  • give local people lasting skills and opportunities
  • make everyone in the community feel welcome and involved
  • attract strong support from the community - shown through a spirited crowdfunding campaign and other evidence
  • are environmentally sustainable
  • provide access to affordable workspace for creative or start-up businesses
  • engage local people in a co-design process to improve a local public space or park


Projects could:

  • help to make your high street a better place to visit or do business,
  • improve or establish a local market,
  • give a new lease of life to an unloved space or empty building,
  • improve access to healthy and affordable food
  • create a beautiful new green space or cultural feature that attracts people to the area

We're looking for ideas that show innovation and enterprise and aspire to achieve a wider social good.

Learn more about how we decide which projects to fund.

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