High Street Network

We are working to help London’s high streets become the best they can be. One way we are doing this is by running a group where everyone involved in high street regeneration can share their ideas and experiences: the High Street Network.

What is the High Street Network?

The High Street Network is a group of people and organisations working to make London’s high streets better. The network includes private and public stakeholders, residents, traders and place-shaping professionals.

The network meets regularly to share ideas, knowledge and expertise. A meeting might discuss overall strategy, specific projects, spatial enquiry, research findings and more.

Our previous High Street Network events are described below. Please note these events took place under the previous Mayor.

Regen bootcamp, 30th July 2016

On 30 July 2016 we launched the new £20m London Regeneration Fund at our first regen bootcamp. This special workshop at The Foundry in Vauxhall was designed by Year Hear. We brought together tech innovators, social entrepreneurs, council officers and business groups to come up with new ideas to support and improve London’s high streets and places of work. Read our summary of the day's activities and see our events programme for a full list of all those who attended.

In the morning, expert speakers gave quick-fire presentations on subjects including:

  • shared workspace
  • community development
  • the role of food, retail, education and technology on a 21st century high street

Guests were encouraged to think beyond traditional approaches during the afternoon brainstorm. Ideas developed on the day include:

  • creating a new Tinder-style app for community organising
  • utilising cross subsidy to safeguard affordable workspace
  • reinvesting in disused commercial kitchens to train local young people
  • bringing industry to the high street
  • reinvigorating the East End fashion economy through a new manufacturing and creative hub

Regen Bootcamp video

High Street Fund Winners Workshop, 9th March 2015

This workshop was an event for recipients of the High Street Fund. It took place at City Hall.

The video clip features Julian Dobson discussing ‘people powered’ high streets. Dobson is the author of How to Save Our Town Centres’ and a facilitator specialising in regeneration, place-making and social change. He draws on his many years of experience, practice and research across the UK.

High Street Fund Winners video

High Street Conversations, summer 2014

As part of the Summer of High Streets, four High Street Conversation events took place in Wembley, Barking, Croydon and City Hall. Nearly 250 borough officers, town team members, Business Improvement Districts, community groups, charities, high street practitioners and consultants took part.

The events celebrated the success of projects funded by the Outer London Fund and the Mayor’s Regeneration Fund. They were an opportunity to discuss high street issues and aspirations, as well to exchange tips and experiences. The events followed the below format:

  • 15 London boroughs showcased their Mayor-funded projects
  • a workshop exercise to discuss the successes and issues of projects delivered so far
  • a workshop exercise to discuss the network’s wider ambitions for high streets. This concentrated on the types of projects they would like to deliver using the four themes from the Mayor’s Action for High Streets
  • the presentations and discussions from all three conversation events are available to view in the video below (20 videos, average length ten minutes)

High Street Conversations video

Culture, Business and Regeneration, 17th July 2013

This event looked at how collaboration between different sectors can improve the process of regeneration. There were three sessions:

  • the first two sessions were run according to the framework from two GLA publications: Culture on High Streets and a report on Business Improvement Districts
  • the third session focused on maintaining quality in the delivery phases of the Outer London Fund, Mayor’s Regeneration Fund and Portas Pilot work

Speakers with design, culture, business and development backgrounds shared their experiences and views. The discussion began to identify opportunities for developing a more collaborative approach, particularly in outer London.

Presentations and discussions are available to view in the videos below (15 videos, average length ten minutes each)

Culture, Business and Regeneration video

Events from 2012 and 2011

Geography of Economy, 3rd December 2012

This event discussed how high streets fit within London’s economy. Speakers described the gaps in land use classifications, and how hubs of intense economic activity can often be found in areas considered to be empty or under-utilised. The session looked at the importance of high streets to our economy and how we can better support them.

Presentations and discussions are available to view in this video (total 83 minutes).

A Public Welcome, 21st May 2012

This event recognised how the ‘physical face’ of a high street can help it to attract visitors, making it economically and socially stronger. Those at the event were taught how to identify the positive qualities of building fronts and entrances, and how to preserve and improve them, with ideas such as witty signs, beautiful tiling or window dressing.

The Outer London Fund Showcase, 19th March 2012

This event was an opportunity to look back on the achievements of the Outer London Fund’s first round. Outstanding projects were shared and the individuals who made them happen were recognised. It was also an opportunity to talk about the second round of funding, building enthusiasm and inspiring fresh ideas.

The Outer London Fund Round One Winners Workshop, 12th September 2011

The round one funding recipients were invited to a workshop to celebrate their fantastic achievement, and to learn valuable lessons from each other about project design and delivery. Exemplary bids were presented and the Specialist Assistance Team introduced their specialist offer.

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