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London Aggregates Working Party

The role of The London Aggregates Working Party (LAWP) is to monitor the supply and demand for aggregates, rocks or building material to be used in construction.

This includes assessing the reserves of primary aggregates (those obtained from mining or quarrying) and the potential supply of secondary aggregates from recycled materials. It also advises the Mayor on the inclusion of aggregate policies in the London Plan. LAWP is a key advisory body to both the Mayor and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Members of the working party

The working party comprises an equal number of representatives from the aggregates industry, local authorities, together with representatives from:

  • recycling
  • agriculture
  • Port of London Authority
  • English, Welsh and Scottish Railway
  • DCLG
  • the Mayor

LAWP workshop

A workshop was held on 9 February 2010 to discuss aggregates provision in the London boroughs. Representatives from industry, the boroughs and the GLA attended. See below for notes of the meeting and spreadsheets showing the latest position in East and West London.

Local Aggregate Assessment

All mineral planning authorities are required to produce an Annual Local Aggregate Assessment (paragraph 145 of the National Planning Policy Planning Framework). In a bid to promote joint working with the 35 mineral planning authorities in London the Mayor produced a new London-wide assessment.

London Aggregates Monitoring Report

Development in London consumes significant amounts of aggregates. The latest document, published in December 2017, analyses the monitoring data from 2007 – 2016 and can be found below.

London Aggregates Monitoring Report 2017

London Aggregates Monitoring Report 2016