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Safeguarded Wharves Directions

Safeguarding policy transferred to the Mayor of London from the Secretary of State in 2000. The Mayor reviewed the original 1997 list of wharves in conjunction with the Port of London Authority and concluded that 25 of them should retain their protected status. Further wharves downstream of the Thames Barrier were also examined and 25 of them were added to the list.
Listed below are the directions for the existing safeguarded wharves that are retained, plus directions covering the list of additional wharves. They are sorted by borough. These were issued by the Secretary of State and require that all planning applications affecting the wharves must be referred to the Mayor.

Barking and Dagenham

Name of wharf

File size

Ford Dagenham Terminal

216.03 KB

Hanson Aggregates

218.37 KB

Kierbeck and Steel Wharves

68.71 KB

Pinnacle Terminal

95.75 KB

Pinns Wharf

60.85 KB

Rippleway Wharf

66.05 KB

RMC Roadstone

216.03 KB

Van Dalen (Hunt's Wharf)

57.49 KB

Victoria Stone Wharf

58.35 KB

Welbeck Wharf

106.04 KB

White Mountain Roadstone

61.13 KB

Debden Wharf

62.6 KB

Depass Wharf

57.72 KB

Docklands Wharf

59.55 KB


Name of wharf

File size

Albion Wharf

81.83 KB

Borax Wharf Manor Wharf

70.92 KB

EMR Erith (Mayor Parry Recyling)

81.31 KB

Mulberry Wharf

82.19 KB

Pioneer Wharf

67.41 KB

RMC Erith

66.92 KB

RMC Railway Wharf

63.28 KB

Standard Wharf

68.38 KB

City of London

Name of wharf

File size

Walbrook Wharf

72.54 KB


Name of Wharf

File size

Angerstein Wharf

90.58 KB

Brewery Wharf

129 KB

Murphy's Wharf

93.82 KB

Riverside Wharf

106.14 KB

Tunnel Glucose

120.92 KB

Victoria Deep Water Terminal

87.1 KB

Hammersmith and Fulham

Name of wharf

File size

Hurlington Wharf

71.97 KB

RMC Fulham

75.91 KB

Swedish Wharf

109.58 KB


Name of wharf

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Phoenix Wharf Frog Island

63.59 KB

Tilda Rice

87.59 KB

Kensington and Chelsea

Name of wharf

File size

Cremorne Wharf

80.26 KB


Name of wharf

File size

Convoys Wharf

89.38 KB


Name of wharf

File size

Manhatten Wharf

73.81 KB

Mayer Parry Wharf

118.76 KB

Peruvian Wharf

97.94 KB

Sunshine Wharf

114.76 KB

Thames Refinary Cairn Mills

107.57 KB

Thames Wharf

76.89 KB

Priors Wharf

1.01 MB

Tower Hamlets

Name of wharf

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Northumberland Wharf

74.8 KB

Orchard Wharf

73.91 KB


Name of wharf

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Cringle Dock

72.04 KB

Metro Greenham

68.65 KB

Pier Wharf

78.72 KB

Readymix Vauxhall

72.99 KB

Western Riverside Waste Transfer Station

109.75 KB