1A & 1C Eynsham Drive public hearing

In their role of making strategic planning decisions, the Mayor may occasionally take over an application, therefore becoming the local planning authority. They must then hold a public hearing before deciding whether or not to grant planning permission. 

In this instance, the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, took over the application for the redevelopment of Eynsham Drive. 

Background to the public hearing

On 25 July 2018 Greenwich advised the Mayor that it was minded to refuse permission for the redevelopment proposals for 1A & 1C Eynsham Drive.  

On 13 August 2018, having considered a report on the case, the Mayor notified Greenwich that he would act as the local planning authority for the purposes of determining the planning applications (under article 7 of the Mayor of London Order and the powers conferred by Section 2A of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act). 

The local authority for this case is 17/4080/F. The GLA reference is 4295.

GLA documents

The Mayor's initial stage 1 and stage 2 reports are available to download here.

Representation hearing

A public Representation Hearing was held in The Chamber at City Hall on 7 December 2018, for the  Deputy Mayor, Jules Pipe to consider this application in detail and to determine whether or not planning permission should be granted. Following the hearing the Deputy Mayor decided to grant permission for the application subject to planning conditions and conclusion of a section 106 legal agreement. 

The stage 3 hearing report is available to download here along with the hearing agenda, hearing report addendum and draft planning conditions.


Public consulatation

Subsequent to the Mayor’s direction, on 21 September 2018 the applicant submitted revisions in support of the application including:

  • Increase in residential ground floor frontage, through the introduction of duplex units to southern elevations;
  • Amendments to the housing mix to provide; 3 fewer one bed units, 2 additional 3 bed units and the introduction of a 4 bed unit;
  • Enhanced boundary treatment with the Thistlebrook Estate to provide a new masonry wall of 2.5 metres;
  • Revisions to the landscaping approach at ground floor with amendments to parking area material and finish and additional planting;
  • Revisions to the landscaping approach on roofscapes and playspace provision; and
  • A reduction in the number of car parking spaces by 10.

Consultation period

The consultation period ran until 5 November 2018.

View the documents

You can download the documents here

Application documents

You can view the original planning applications on Greenwich's website

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