Pre-planning application meeting service

The Mayor’s planning team offers a pre-planning application service for developers to help speed up the planning process.

We have been providing high quality pre-planning application advice to London’s developers since 2007. This service allows developers to meet with our planning officers before putting in a formal planning application. 

What services are available?

Level 1 - 'in-principle' 

These meetings provide a senior GLA Planning Manager view of the key strategic planning issues and principles a referable planning application should address. These meetings should not be seen as an alternative to (Stage 2) pre-application advice meetings, where detailed GLA and TfL officer advice on the full range of matters is offered. 

Level 2 - 'Initial' and 'follow-up'

These provide detailed advice in writing based on plans submitted with a letter and other supporting information, providing confirmation as to whether the development complies with the relevant planning policy, and what alterations may be required to achieve compliance. The fee for this service will be £10,000 + VAT (£12,000 inc. VAT) for an initial meeting and £2,000 + VAT (£2,400 inc. VAT) for any subsequent follow-up meetings. 

More information on these services can be found in our guidance note

How does it speed up the process?

Pre-planning consultation allows applicants to get a view from our planning officers on the suitability of their intended development.

This enhanced service helps developers ensure their proposed developments will comply with the London Plan and draft London Plan early in the planning process - speeding up the process for both applicants and the local planning authority. 

How long does it take to get a meeting?

Our service standards state that you will be offered a meeting date within 15 working days of us receiving the completed application form. However sometimes, due to availability of staff, this may take longer.

Therefore we encourage applicants to submit a meeting request as early as possible to ensure the meeting date does not have an impact on your deadlines.

Please see the guidance note outline the process and procedure from when you submit a meeting request to us.


What information should be submitted?

As a minimum the following documents should be submitted for the request to be validated:

Level 1 - In-principle meetings

  • Payment form
  • Site plan (red line site boundary)
  • Indication of proposed uses NB this does not need to be extensive

Level 2 - Initial and follow-up meetings

  • Application Form
  • Red line site boundary
  • Outline of proposed development
  • Outline of key planning issues
  • Indicative scheme concept/images

For any follow-up meetings you will only need to submit a payment form as the minimum requirement. However, you would also need to add any updated or new documentation if applicable. 

Any other information should be submitted no later than a week before the meeting date. However, it is preferable if information is submitted earlier, so that officers have time to review it.

The documents should be uploaded via our online system (more information on this below). 

Please note the subsequent advice letter will only address issues that you have sent documentation on.

Further guidance on energy assessments and access statements can be found on the links below.

How much does it cost?

  • Level 1 - in- principle meetings will cost £2,500 + VAT (£3,000 inc. VAT)
  • Level 2 - initial meetings will cost £10,000 + VAT (£12,000 inc. VAT)* and any subsequent follow-up meetings will cost £2,000 + VAT (£2,400 inc. VAT). 


How do you pay for the meeting?

We will invoice the company as detailed on the Pre-application Payment form. The form lists all of the fields that need to be completed and has help icons to help you understand what needs to be completed.

The invoice will give details of how to make payment for the meeting. Please note that we do not accept cheques at City Hall. All you need to do is ensure that we have the correct Pre-application Payment Form. You will then receive an invoice from TfL Accounts Payable. The instructions on how to pay will be listed on the invoice. You will be able to pay via BACs or Cheque at this stage. 

We are currently working with our finance department to create an online payment facility for pre-apps. Until this has been implemented you will be required to complete the Pre-application Payment form.  

How do you request a meeting?

You can request a meeting on our online pre-application service via our Planning Application Workflow System (PAWS). This system has been designed and implemented to not only make the process easier for you but to also ensure that we are more responsive and can process your applications more quickly.

Once registered you can access PAWS here:

Registering as a user

You will need to register to be able to submit your request. You can do this by completing the form on the following link: Register as a new user on PAWS. Our team will then email you with your login details.

Forgotten your username or password

If you have forgotten your username or password, email [email protected] and we will get back to you with the details as soon as possible.

Payment form

You can download the relevant Pre-application Payment form below. 

Guidance note

You can download the guidance note for the online pre-app service below. 

Online pre-application service - guidance note

Referable cases

We will only provide this service for strategic applications that are referable to the Mayor. More details on what makes an application strategic can be found on the following link: Mayor of London Order (2008)

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to the pre-planning advice service, please contact the pre-application team by email on [email protected] or request a call-back


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