Sampson House and Ludgate House

64 Hopton Street, Ludgate House 245 Blackfriars Road & Railway Arches, London, SE1 9JH

Demolition of existing buildings and the construction of a mixed use development totalling 144,571 sq.metres GEA comprising 492 flats (Class C3), 45,372 sqm (including basement) of offices (Class B1), 2,581sqm of retail (Classes A1-A5), 1,969sqm of community uses (Class D1) and 1,014sqm of gym (Class D2). New open space including formation of two new east-west routes, new public square, reconfigured vehicular and pedestrian access and works to the public highway with associated works including landscaping and basement car park for 200 cars (including 54 disabled car parking spaces) plus servicing and plant areas. Change of use of the railway arches from a nightclub to retail, gym and community uses. Configuration of the toilet block for retail uses and toilets. The development consists of 9 new buildings: Ludgate A: 13 storeys (62.08m AOD), Ludgate B: 49 storeys (169.60m AOD), Ludgate C: 15 storeys (73m AOD), Sampson A: 17 storeys (62.85m AOD), Sampson B: 31 storeys, (112.10m AOD), Sampson C: 27 storeys (98.30m AOD), Sampson D: 14 storeys (60.80m AOD), Sampson E: 5 storeys (24.6m AOD), Sampson F: 6 storeys (28.9m AOD). THE APPLICATION IS ACCOMPANIED BY AN ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENT which can be viewed on the Council's website. A copy of the Environmental Statement (in CD format) can be obtained from the Case Officer.

Current status: 
Stage 2 statutory referral - Mayor's final decision
Planning authority: 
GLA case number: 
LPA case number: 

Authority delegated: 

The Mayor delegated the decision to the Deputy Mayor for Planning.

Date of decision/Mayor's meeting: 
27 November 2013
Completed application
The Deputy Mayor for Planning is content for the Planning Authority to determine the case itself.