London River Park

North Side of River Thames, Paul’s Walk to Three Cranes from, Hanseatic Walk to Water Lane, London
City of London

London River Park - Construction for use during a period of five years, of two floating pontoon parks for managed public use connected to the north bank of the River Thames, comprising: - Seven floating pavilions for the following uses: museum; heritage; education; exhibitions; multiuse space available for public and private functions/events including meetings, conferences, fashion shows, TV programmes, product launches, small concerts and exhibitions; swimming pool and associated changing facilities; and television broadcasting studios; - Four brows providing pedestrian access and egress points to and from the north bank of the River Thames; - New pedestrian means of access and the provision of new landing points on the north bank; - Works to the river wall; - Facilities and use for mooring and for unloading of passengers from passenger ferries and other river craft; - All necessary piling works and siting of structures required to support the parks and fixed moorings for the pavilions and support the access brows; - Hard and soft landscaping and lighting; - The removal of obstructions, demolition, re-profiling and miscellaneous engineering and other works; - Associated servicing facilities; siting of two pier master buildings; and - All works shown on the submitted planning application drawings. This application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement which is available for inspection with the planning application. Copies of the Environmental Statement may be bought from DP9 (or on CD free of charge) as long as stocks last.

Current status: 
Stage 1 statutory referral - Mayor's initial representation
Planning authority: 
City of London
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Completed application