Land known as Bishopsgate Goods Yard

including Braithwaite Street as bounded by Shoreditch High Stree, Bethnal Green Road, Sclater Street, Brick Lane, Wheler Street, Commercial Street and Quaker Street within the London Boroughs, London, E1

Development Description: An OUTLINE application for the comprehensive mixed use redevelopment of the site comprising: - Residential (Class C3) comprising up to 1,464 residential units; - Business Use (Class B1) - up to 52,991 m²(GIA); - Retail, financial and professional services, restaurants and cafes and hot food takeaways (Class A1, A2, A3 and A5) - up to 18,229 m²(GIA); - Non-residential Institutions (Class D1) - up to 108 m²(GIA); - Assembly and Leisure (Class D2) - up to 661 m²(GIA); - Public conveniences (sui generis) - up to 36 m²(GIA); - Ancillary and plant space - up to 11,295 m²(GIA); - Basement - up to 8,404 m²(GIA); - Formation of new pedestrian and vehicular access and means of access and circulation within the site; and - Provision of 22,088 m² of new public open space and landscaping. The application proposes a total of 12 buildings that range in height, with the highest being 180.4 m AOD and the lowest being 23.6 m AOD. With all matters reserved save that FULL DETAILS are submitted for alterations to and the partial removal of existing structures on the site and the erection of three buildings for residential (Class C3), namely Plot C (31-35 storeys, plus plant); Plot F (47 storeys, plus plant); Plot G (43 storeys, plus plant) comprising up to 1,038 of the total residential units; and retail and food and drink uses (A1, A2, A3, A5); and use of the ground and basement levels of the Braithwaite Viaduct for retail and food and drink uses (A1, A2, A3, A5). Works to and use of the Oriel and adjoining structures for retail and food and drink uses (A1, A2, A3, A5). For that part of the site within LB Hackney, the proposed development comprises the following mix of uses: - Up to 64,193 m² (GIA) of Residential use (Class C3); - Up to 32,873 m² (GIA) of Business Use (Class B1); - Up to 3,359 m² (GIA) of Retail Use (Class A1, A2, A3); - Up to 2,474 m² (GIA) of Retail Use (Class A1, A2, A3, A5); - Up to 6,605 m² (GIA) of ancillary and plant space;

Current status: 
Stage 2 statutory referral - Mayor's final decision
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Completed application