H10 And H14 'Western Bridges' , Olympic Park

Olympic Park, London E15

Full planning application for the construction of two permanent pedestrian and cycle bridges; Bridge H10 to the east of Wallis Road and Bridge H14 to the east of Roach Road, including: 1. Preparatory works including bulk earthworks for the creation of landform to finished levels, including retaining structures and construction of piling and foundations; 2. The laying of surface water drainage; 3. Construction of bridge structure including abutments, retaining walls, bridge decks, parapets and handrails including material details; 4. Construction of approach ramps including the laying out of hard and soft landscaping including the installation of stairs, rest areas, parapet and handrails and planting of trees, climbers, lawn and meadow grass; 5. Construction of a lift at the western approach to Bridge H10.

Current status: 
Stage 1 statutory referral - Mayor's initial representation
Planning authority: 
Olympic Delivery Authority
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LPA case number: 

Completed application
Stage 1 statutory referral - Mayor's initial representation