Canada Water Masterplan

Land bounded by Lower Road (West), Redriff Road (South), Quebec Way (East), Surrey Quays Road and Canada Water Dock (North), and site at Roberts Close, London, SE16

Hybrid application seeking detailed planning permission for Phase 1 and outline planning permission for future phases, comprising: Outline planning permission (all matters reserved) for the demolition of all existing structures and redevelopment to include a number of tall buildings (up to 162m AOD) and up to 656,200sqm (GEA) of floorspace comprising the following mix of uses: retail (Use Classes A1-A5), workspace (B1), hotel (C1), residential (C3), assisted living (C2), student accommodation, leisure (including a cinema) (D2), community facilities (including health and education uses) (D1), public toilets, nightclub, flexible events space, an energy centre, an interim and permanent petrol filling station, a primary electricity substation, a secondary entrance for Surrey Quays Rail Station, a Park Pavilion, landscaping including open spaces and public realm, works to the Canada Water Dock, car parking, means of access, associated infrastructure and highways works and demolition or retention with alterations of the Press Hall and Spine Building of the Printworks; and Detailed planning permission for the three Plots in Phase 1: Plot A1 (south of Surrey Quays Road and west of Deal Porters Way) to provide uses comprising retail (A1-A5), workspace (B1) and 186 residential units (C3) in a 6 and 34 storey building (129.4m AOD), plus a basement; Plot A2 (east of Lower Road and west of Canada Water Dock) to provide a leisure centre (D2), retail (A1-A5), and workspace (B1) in a 4, 5 and 6 storey building plus a basement. Plot K1 (east of Roberts Close) to provide 84 residential units (C3) in a 5 and 6 storey building. Each plot with associated car parking, cycle parking, landscaping, public realm, plant and other relevant works. The application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement submitted pursuant to the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2011 (as amended).

Current status: 
Stage 1 statutory referral - Mayor's initial representation
Planning authority: 
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Authority delegated: 

The Mayor delegated the decision to the Deputy Mayor for Planning.

Date of decision/Mayor's meeting: 
08 October 2018
Completed application
The Deputy Mayor for Planning considers that the application does not fully comply with the London Plan and the draft London Plan, for the reasons set out in the accompanying report; but the remedies set out in the report could address these deficiencies.