American Embassy

US Embassy
24-31 Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 1AE

Alterations to the existing building including retention & repair of the front and side facades, part demolition & replacement of the rear facade, rear extension of the 2nd-5th floors, removal of existing & introduction of a new 6th floor, introduction of a new set-back 7th floor, extension of the existing basement levels to include two additional basement levels (including one mezzanine level), installation of roof plant & plant screen, public realm works including hard & soft landscaping, removal of the security kiosks, fencing, bollards & gates/barriers to Blackburne's Mews & Culross Street, removal & replacement of 6 No. trees in front of the Grosvenor Square elevation & re-opening of the road on the western side of the Square, all in connection with the use of the building as a hotel (Class C1) comprising up to 137 hotel rooms with flexible retail/restaurant use at 1st floor, ground floor and basement 1 (Class A1/Class A3/Class C1), flexible restaurant/bar use at 7th floor (Class A3/Class A4/Class C1), leisure/spa facilities within the basement (Class D2/Class C1) & an ancillary ballroom, event spaces, back of house facilities & associated car, cycle parking & servicing facilities accessed from Blackburne's Mews, & other associated works - including replacement of all windows with double glazing, internal reconfiguration & refurbishment works including extension of the diagrid & removal in part, replacement of internal ground & 1st floor columns & slab, part replacement of the 2nd floor slab & replacement of 3rd & 4th floor slabs & internal remodelling of front and side entrances; external works including removal of the glacis & balustrade, reconfiguration of front & side entrances & steps & addition of canopies over each entrance & relocation of Eagle sculpture to centre of the front elevation of new 6th floor. | American Embassy 24-31 Grosvenor Square London W1A 1AE.

Current status: 
Stage 2 statutory referral - Mayor's final decision
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Date of decision/Mayor's meeting: 
12 December 2016
Completed application
The Mayor is content for the Planning Authority to determine the case itself.